Friday, January 05, 2007

Keith Ellison

I am getting tired of the national coverage of Keith Ellison, the new congressman from Minnesota. (Note to the national media, he is not D-MN; he is DFL-MN). So what if he's a Moslem? From everything I hear, he is a good Minnesotan, who was previously a good Michigander. He grew up a short distance from where Patrick grew up in Detroit. Pat, who has met him, says he's a bright and personable guy, who takes good stands on important issues. He was fairly elected by people who knew what they were doing. Dissing him is dissing the people who elected him and the DFL and Minnesotans in general.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media seems to need to stir up controversy, a need to make people hate each other.
Are you sure that people are basically good?
The most offensive comments to me in the media are the ones that imply that Ellison would not have been elected without the Somali community voting their faith. That kind of comment is so racist so biased and so insulting to the DFL voters that I cringe.

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