Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finishing a Story on a Pretty Cold Winter Day

I finished a story for the first time is year or more, a good feeling. I almost want to go on to another story that's in need of finishing or revising. I have four in various stages of completion: another hwarhath story about the actor Dapple, two more stories about Lydia Duluth, and a new Big Mama story. It's possible that I haven't been writing because I'm tired of writing in series. That occurred to me recently. The story I just finished is a stand-alone and one of those stories where you are racing contemporary science and history. Will I get the story out before it becomes (at least in part) true? Or obviously untrue? It was obvious as I finished A Woman of the Iron People that the Soviet Union was on the edge of collapse. But my novel required the USSR. I wrote really fast toward the end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh good. I'll plan to see it at Wyrdsmiths, then! (grin)

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