Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Waiting for the Plane

Actually, I am waiting for Patrick to pick me up and take me to the airport. My brother is flying out from the east coast, and we are going to meet in San Francisco. He just called me from Kennedy. He's in his plane sitting on the runway, since it's snowing in New York. It's bright and clear here, a lovely late winter day.

I mentioned the music at MarsCon. I went to the Dementia Radio website yesterday, but it had a warning that it was adult only. I decided I needed to think about how adult I am before going any farther. What exactly is Dr. Demento playing? When I knew Dr. Demento, his name was Barry and he had the best record collection in high school. I have kind of lost track since then.

Some of the young women at my job have convinced the artistic director to let them put together a poster show. (I work for an arts organization, in case I haven't mentioned that before.) They were picking posters yesterday, and I got to sit in. Most of the posters are for musicians, mostly rock bands; and they were pretty darn good. I was trying to figure out the influences -- Russian poster art from the revolutionary period, some work that reminded me of the German expressionists and the late drawings of Philip Guston, and work that used references to 40s, 50s and 60s advertising and poster art. But I'm guessing. It's too new to me, and I haven't been paying attention to contemporary art. In any case, it was exciting to see. New Art! New Music!

Sartre said the only hope lies in action, but there is also hope in art and music.


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