Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lilac Report

Spring comes on like gangbusters in Minnesota. Two weeks later it's gone, and we are into summer.

Because I haven’t posted for two weeks, you have missed descriptions of the Twin Cities turning lavender. People here certainly love French lilacs. They bloom in front yards, along parkways and at the entrance ramps to freeways. I-94 between St. Paul and Minneapolis is lined with lilacs, so the cars and trucks and buses travel between two lavender rows.

As usual, it was a fine sight; and as usual, it was quickly over. The Korean lilacs as blooming now. They are a lot smaller -- knee high or waist high, rather than one or two stories; and they have paler flowers, more pink than lavender. They bloom a week or so after the French lilacs. I like them because they mean that my annual lilac experience lasts a bit longer.


Blogger tate hallaway said...

No wonder so many GLBT people love the Twin Cities! Every year the city actually turns lavender!

8:17 AM  

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