Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spring in Minnesota

I haven't posted in two weeks, due to the upcoming audit at work. I've been coming home with not much interest in anything except lying on the couch and reading New Scientist or the latest catalog from L. L. Bean. The auditors are coming in Monday. I have done what I can.

While I was busy with the audit and performance anxiety, spring has come to Minnesota. I noticed a few trees beginning to leaf two weeks ago, when we drove down along the Mississippi. Since then all the trees have leafed out. The grass is bright green, except where it's covered with dandelions. The azaleas and tulips and daffodils are all blooming fiercely, and the lilacs will be in full bloom in another day or so.

Minnesota usually has two weeks of perfect weather in May. The sky is clear and bright blue; the air is cool; everything is flourishing. In honor of this, I will post a poem by Terry A. Garey. I am in a poetry group with Terry and other fine poets. The group reads at local cons as the Lady Poetesses from Hell, and we are currently working on a LPFH poetry collection, which should come out in the next year. Here is Terry's' poem.


the first plant up in my garden
is a dandelion
my favorite flower
a good spring tonic

all the other weeds start popping
happy to be alive
young and innocent
unaware that they are born criminals

later they will find
their sense of entitlement
leads to battle
with the element of me


Blogger Terry Garey said...

er, Eleanor, shouldn't that be "young and innocent"?

"Marriage of Figaro" was the first life opera I ever saw. I like your poem.


5:04 PM  

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