Sunday, June 10, 2007


Another bright, warm day. Patrick and I went out for coffee and cruised through the Farmers Market. I'm not sure how to punctuate Farmers Market. Farmer's Market? Farmers' Market?

There are fewer vendors on Sunday than on Saturday. But I managed to find and buy two packages of asparagus. The guy who had the asparagus also had boxes of radishes. I bought one. I'm not sure we can eat that many radishes. But they are so round and red and luscious looking! Being Minnesota radishes they will have just a little bite, which is fine.

Timmi Duchamp has an interview with me posted on her Aqueduct blog. I am enjoying the blog. There is a terrific post by Carolyn Gilman about women and war, based on her research on Native American history; and another fine post by Gwyneth Jones on going to a performance Cosi Fan Tutte.

The people posting on the blog are Timmi and the authors she publishes. This is a very interesting group of people.


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