Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Weekend after Wiscon

After all the excitement of going to a four-day con, we are having a really quiet weekend. We ran errands yesterday. The plan for today is housework and a tiny bit of grocery shopping. We saw V for Vendetta before going to Wiscon and rented it again yesterday. I wanted to rent Matrix, which Patrick has never seen, but the video store didn't have any rental copies in. But they had a copy for sale, so I bought it. I think V is a better movie, all in all, but I want to compare them to be sure. My problem with Matrix is the lousy science. No way humans could function as electrical generators, unless we were extensively re-engineered. Even then, I'm not sure living organisms ever generate enough electricity. We'll find out, doubtless, as the rest of the world's oil vanishes. Scientists are looking for new sources of energy everywhere already.

I thought there were a number of plot problems in V, but nothing as awful as the bad science in Matrix. I'll find out when I see them both again.

I am slowly digesting Wiscon, like a python which has eaten a really big goat. The feeling of uncomfortable fullness is gone and now I am beginning to fondly remember. I have moved from "that goat was way, way too big, how could I have eaten it?" to "that was a very tasty goat."

This is my usual response to cons I like. There is too much input at the time, and I have never figured out how to pace myself. Wordsworth said poetry was emotion recollected in tranquility. I guess that's what I treasure about a good con -- the recollection afterward.


Blogger Tallgeese said...

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Blogger Tallgeese said...

I really liked how "V"'s narrative framed the exemplary loving relationship as being a lesbian couple. I haven't read the comic, but I assume this was Alan Moore's doing. If so, it was great that the filmakers left that in the narrative.

Unlike the Matrix (an Althusserian narrative, I say) V also presents a more hopeful concept of agency. Change is possible.

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Blogger lydamorehouse said...

WisCON is a very tasty goat.

Goddess, I love your insights.

7:18 AM  

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