Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Post I Wrote for the Wyrdsmith's Blog

I think my role here at the blog is to talk about writing from the point of view of an older writer and from the point of view of someone who has never made a living at writing. Over the years, I have gained a modest reputation and almost no money. Has it been worth it?

I would feel a lot of worse about my life, if I hadn't written.

So I am going to talk about writing as a life style, rather than a professional career, and as part of my entire life.

Why does one write? archie the cockroach said "expression is the need of my soul," and that is a pretty good answer.

I write to understand life and to make something that is interesting and valuable and uniquely mine. I have always hated the line, "everyone is replaceable." When I die, I want there to be a Eleanor shaped hole in the universe, a void that no one else can fill, except maybe a thoughtful lizard-like green matriarch on a planet in a far distant star system, who will pick up a stylus and begin to compose stories about verb tenses or the names of numbers...


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