Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26

Christmas turned out just fine. I got the presents all wrapped and under our Christmas tree, which is a six foot tall Norfolk Island pine in a pot. The nice thing about a living tree is, you don't have to take it out after Christmas, and I can take the ornaments down when I feel like it. One year they stayed on till March.

Patrick and I stayed in all day and took it easy. I kept the radio on, playing Christmas music, except when I wanted to hear the sound effects of my new computer solitaire game. It began snowing in the early afternoon and kept on snowing. It's still snowing this morning: wet snow, that has lies in thick layers on the evergreens and coats the bare branches of the deciduous trees. Every twig is outlined in white.

Sometime around four I decided I needed some exercise and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. Afterward, I decided I didn't feel like cooking dinner. Pat decided he wasn't interested in eating dinner. We had been snacking on cheese and crackers and cookies all afternoon. So we ate more cheese and cookies. I played more solitaire. We listened to more Christmas music.

A good day. I had been hoping for snow on Christmas, and it came, the third snowfall of this year; and I really do like opening presents. These days it's more interesting to watch other people open the presents I got for them.

Best wishes for the new year. May we all expereince peace and justice and live the best and most useful and happiest lives we can.


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