Friday, December 07, 2007

Peg Kerr

I had lunch with Peg Kerr today and told her how difficult I found blogging. She asked if I had ever kept a journal.

No, I said.

That was probably the problem, she told me. She has kept a journal for decades and has no trouble keeping a live journal, It sounds as if she reaches a lot of people, which makes me feel a bit envious.

What is the line from archy the cockroach? "Self expression is the need of my soul."

But communication is another soul-need for most writers and artists. I have never thought it was enough to write and put the writing in a drawer. I want my writing to reach other people.

I write almost no nonfiction: no journals, no memoirs, very few essays, a handful of poems. Since I was a kid, my gift has been telling stories. I told them before I could read and write. I guess this is common, but most kids give it up sooner or later. I didn't. I love reading nonfiction, but I want to tell stories.

Of course, I go through long periods of not writing; but I think I always know what I want to do.


Blogger Lissa said...

Good morning, Eleanor -- I found your blog via Peg's post this morning. Just wanted to drop a quick comment about this line in your post: I love reading nonfiction, but I want to tell stories.

I think that a great many bloggers see the post/comment concept of online journaling as a way of telling stories -- rather like a virtual campfire circle, with stories and tales and jokes and earnest thoughts shared among a group of friends (and the odd stranger who wanders by). Not all of us, of course, but some percentage, I'd wager.

Happy writing,

7:03 AM  

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