Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Prince and the Water Sprite

I'm going to see the opera Rusalka today. The opera company has described it as The Little Mermaid without the Disney happy ending. I woke this morning with my own version of the story in my mind. It is as follows:
A handsome prince stopped beside a river to admire his reflection in the water. Looking up from her home, a water sprite saw him and fell in love. She could not leave her river, and he would drown if she pulled him down, as she longed to. She begged the gods to unite them in some fashion.

Taking pity, the gods turned him into a large eel, which fell into the river with a splash.

Outraged by his transformation, the prince swam rapidly away. The water sprite pined hopelessly, until she met a handsome male water sprite, whom she married.

Back on land, the prince’s sister succeeded him as heir to the throne. In due time, she became queen. Her reign was prosperous and famous.

The eel was caught by a fisherman and became sushi.

I think I wrote this, because I would like a version of the story where the women do not do the suffering.


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I like that story a lot!

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