Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am looking at pictures of the flooding in Iowa. 83 of 99 counties have been declared disaster areas.

The pictures and descriptions are amazing. Most of the flooding is not along the big rivers, the Mississippi and Missouri, that form the east and west borders of the state. It's in the interior, along rivers that I think of as a lot smaller. However, they have got the Coast Guard on those rivers and in the flooded cities. I guess, at the moment, the rivers aren't small.

The people in Austin, Minnesota are sandbagging.

The Iowa cat rescue pictures are touching, though the cats do not look at all happy. There is a wonderful one of a rescue worker climbing out a second story window, holding a white cat in front of him. The cat's legs are all straight out, in clear panic mode.

The comments in the on-line version of the Des Moines Register are civilized and concerned: "The news coverage of the flooding is excellent. Our town has space for people displaced by the flooding. I am reading from Europe; this is heartbreaking; once an Iowan, always an Iowan."

Minnesota is not as nice as it used to be. The comments in the on-line version of the Star Tribune are often nasty and vulgar. I would call some of them obscene. Often (it seems to me) they radiate contempt for humanity.

I miss the old niceness. Though I do not think I move to Iowa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would agree about the comments in the online edition of the Strib. Nasty, vulgar and just plain mean spirited but perhaps that is a reflection of the paper that publishes the drivel that comes from Kersten.

6:24 AM  
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