Sunday, June 22, 2008

Manito Geezhigaynce

The 300 year old Manito Geezhigaynce, a twisted cedar known as the little spirit cedar tree, is located on the north side of Hat Point on a stone ledge. This tree has great significance to many generations of Grand Portage Indians and boatmen on Lake Superior. The land with the tree was offered for sale in 1987. A group was formed and $100,000 was raised to buy the land for the Tribe in 1990. To protect their heritage, the Grand Portage Indian community requires that to visit the tree, there must be a tribal guide.

I'm spending Sunday wandering around the Internet and thinking abut land spirits. Does Minnesota have them? What are they? It was raining earlier. Now it's sunny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect there are tree spirits in Birch trees especially the ones around large bodies of water. There is a spot around Gull Lake that I always feel has inhabitants in the trees.

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