Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Brer Rabbit Story is Well on the Way...

I think it will be good, thought I will have to ask some African Americans to vet it for unconscious racism...

It's Brer Rabbit meets Big Brown Mama. I feel really good about my Big Mama stories. These are stories where the muse reaches down a foot from heaven and kicks you in the behind and says, write what I say.

And you do it.

The boll weevil (see below) has a part and so does music and Mr. Henry Ford's assembly line and the town of Inkster, Michigan, which -- oddly enough -- does not talk on its website about how it was the place that Henry Ford put his black workers, while the white workers lived in Dearborn.

Though it still has an remarkably high black population for a suburb and happens to be right next to Dearborn and the Ford Corporation's international headquarters and Greenfield Village and the Ford River Rouge plant.

We will see how the story turns out...


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