Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weather Report

It's been sunny the past couple of days, the sky cloudless, a bit warm in the middle of the afternoon, but cool in the morning.

Wildflowers are blooming along the freeway, mostly yellow, but white daisies, pink (or pale lavender) crown vetch and purple thistles.

Very nice weather, and we are almost to the solstice. I need to treasure these long days, the sunlight and the crystal clear air. Every leaf on every tree stands out sharply.

I'm taking a new class at the Loft Literary Center. This one is on overcoming writer's resistance. If it works, you will see a flood of Arnason stories. I have eight at home -- almost finished, needing only a few hours of cleaning up. It would be nice to get eight stories out, not to mention three short story collections and the sequel to Ring of Swords. All this stuff is almost done.

What is resistance about?


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