Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have done two long, serious posts in a row. This post is to inform you that more sunflowers are appearing along the freeway.

I have been thinking -- when I'm not thinking about oil and war -- about summer in Minnesota. Which months are the summer months?

Someone told me that there's only one month in which no snow has been recorded in Minnesota. That is August. I have no trouble with snow in June. I've seen it. And I'm pretty sure I've seen snow in September. But snow is July surprises me. Apparently, it happened.

August is clearly a summer month; and I would add July. I tend to think of June as late spring, and September is early fall. But nowadays, with global warming, it probably makes sense to add June and September to summer.

No matter how I do it, summer is more than half over now.It's not my favorite season. In fact, I prefer all the others, though winter can sometimes go on a bit long. There are days in May, when the lilacs are blooming, and days in October, when the leaves are gold, which are flat out miraculous. A fresh fall of snow is always lovely, especially on a crisp, bright day when the temp is well below freezing.

Nowadays, we get more mild winter days. Some of these, when the trees are encrusted by soft, wet snow or frost, are quite amazing.

None the less, though I am not entirely crazy about summer, it's half over. Time flies. Where are the snows -- and sunflowers -- of yesteryear?


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