Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Iceland Again

I've been thinking of a quick flight to Iceland to show my support by spending some money there. But Icelandair isn't flying from the Twin Cities right now, and a quick flight becomes a lot longer when you have to change planes in Orlando or Amsterdam.


There is a deal right now for $550 -- round trip plus three nights in a posh hotel in lovely and affordable (at the moment) downtown Reykjavik. But the flights go from Boston or New York.

It sounds nice: a visit to the National Musuem, a scenic tour of local landmarks in the four hours of daylight they have in November, some lovely cod dinners and then a trip to the local bookstores to buy books on Iceland. I can spend a lot of money in an Icelandic bookstore. I certainly did on my last visit. Maybe I can go online and shop...


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