Monday, October 20, 2008

What I'm Doing

I just got done exercising at the Y. I'm going over to downtown Minneapolis to buy Terry Pratchett's new book Nation. (St. Paul has almost no shopping downtown, including no bookstore.) Then maybe do some revising of my long novella and enjoy the bright fall day.

Last night I watched Paprika, a wonderful anime fantasy or maybe science fiction movie, on DVD.

I have a long, long to-do list. But fall comes only once a year, and the colors are already fading.

Maybe today, just for today, I will pay no attention to politics and instead pay attention to the weather and the falling leaves.

I checked websites yesterday. The fall colors are peaking south of here. Maybe Patrick and I can take a drive next weekend along the Mississippi. There are thousands of sandhill cranes at Crex Meadows preserve east and a little north of the Cities, which also makes for a tempting day trip. People have been reporting a few whooping cranes mixed in the with sandhills.

The tundra swans have not yet arrived in Alma, Wisconsin. They are due in another couple of weeks. So, it will be either fall colors or cranes next weekend.