Friday, March 27, 2009

Science Fiction Conventions

I have my schedule for the year pretty well set. I'm attending four cons in the Twin Cities area -- Minicon, Convergence, Diversacon and Gaylaxicon. I missed Marscon, because I wasn't paying attention and was still getting over penumonia. Most likely I won't go to Arcana, since it is devoted to horror. I am not a horror writer or fan.

There will be six cons in the Twin Cities this year. I can remember when there was only Minicon. Of course, Minicon -- at its height -- was as big as all six put together.

I forgot Fourth Street Fantasy Con. I'm not planning to attend.

Right now, it looks at if I'll be going to two out-of-town conventions: Wiscon, the gonzo feminist con in Madison, and Think Galacticon, a new convention in Chicago which looks very promising.

I'd like to go to Worldcon, which is in Montreal and has the wonderful Elisabeth Vonarburg as a guest. But I suspect I won't be able to manage that.


Blogger Unknown said...

You also forgot Convivial (the current name for the Minn-StF Fall Convention).

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