Sunday, May 03, 2009


When I got home last night, I had a message on my home phone from the Executive Director of the job I'm really interested in. He wanted to talk about the job and left a number.

It was eight at night on a Saturday, which didn't seem to me like a time to talk business. But Patrick through I should call back immediately. So I did and left a message saying I'd home all day Sunday, and otherwise I'd call on Monday.

I was startled because the person I had talked to previously said they weren't going to be interviewing for the job until late in May.

Anyway, no call back today. I stayed next to the phone, though it was bright and warm outside, and today is the May Day parade in Minneapolis. I'm not complaining. I had planned to stay home and clean, though I might have gone out for a while.

As it was, I cleaned the kitchen and one bathroom, prepared raw vegetables for dipping, hard boiled eggs, and am thinking of either cleaning silver or getting out the Roomba.

The desk in my bedroom is starting to look like an actual workspace, rather than a place to heap stuff. I have it almost entirely clear. I plan to buy some modular shelving next weekend and use it to make a hutch for the desk, where I can put the rest of the clutter -- staplers, pens, pencils and erasers, paper clips, the usual suspects.

The up side of unemployment is I have gotten a fair amount done.

At the moment, I'm listening to Mindy Ratner on Minnesota Public radio's classical station and drinking spiced Darjeeling tea from Harney & Sons.

A pretty good day. It could be worse. Sunlight is pouring in my living room, which needs dusting. Maybe not right now.


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