Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Think Galacticon

I spent last weekend at Think Galacticon in Chicago, a very nice con at Roosevelt University in the Adler-Sullivan Auditorium Building. It is the first time I have attended a con in an architectural masterpiece.

The building is on Michigan Avenue, opposite Lake Michigan, and our hotel was the same. Patrick and I spent Friday going to the Chicago Architecture Foundation and the Art Institute, then Pat wandered around downtown Chicago while I attended the con.

So, blue lake, sailboats, Taste of Chicago in Grant Park, a look at the Impressionists at the Art Institute and a con in an Adler and Sullivan building.

We did not make Taste, but it helped keep our area busy.

The con has a left of center perspective, and there were good panels on race and class. They were not the kind of panels that solve problems, but the kind that enabled me to think about the problems -- see them a bit more clearly.

I will write more, after I have thought more.

Coming back, we drove north along the lake, through one plush neighborhood and suburb after another. Very lovely. Very green. Very like the mansions at the north end of Duluth along Lake Superior, except these went on for miles and miles and miles. Given our society, having this much affluence means there must be far vaster areas of poverty and blight somewhere else.

The catalpa trees were blooming in these lovely neighborhoods. When we got back to the Interstate, chicory was blooming blue along the highway edges; and when we got home, our hoya had put out more flowers.


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