Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogging Again

It's been more than two weeks since I posted anything. I find unemployment very disorienting. I am looking for work and getting some writing done. But I lose track of time and wind down like an old fashioned watch that needs winding up. I guess the winding up came from going to a job.

Granted, work took too much time. I thought I had convinced my boss to bring my hours down to 24 hours, three days a week. Instead, she decided the accounting could be outsourced, which is why I am no longer working.

Right now I'd like a job of 15-25 hours a week, enough to keep me organized and wound up, but with enough free time so I could write.

It doesn't help that Patrick and I are both unemployed, though he has some short term work right now. Our home is large enough for two working adults, but when we are both around most of the time, we bump into each other and bother one another.

And I am still mourning my old job. I've left jobs before. It doesn't hurt if I am the person who decided to go, though there are always people I miss and aspects of the left job that I found interesting and fun.

It's amazing how much it hurts to have the decision taken out of my hands.


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