Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weather Report

Autumn is progressing. A lot of leaves have fallen and some trees are entirely bare. The leaves that remain are muted. We had a warm September and a cold, rainy October, not good for colors.

There have been several snow falls, none lasting in the Cities.

I continue to look for work and work on my writing -- a new Lydia Duluth story, the Wiscon essay and the sequel to Ring of Swords.

I have a job interview next week, after a long dry spell.


Blogger Beth Plutchak said...

I am going on two years since my department at the bank was eliminated. I'm trying to build a consulting business and to finally get some writing done. All of which goes very slowly. It looks like we won't be adequately regulating investment banking anytime soon. Glass Steagall will not be reinstated. All the same I feel that we are going through some fundamental changes.

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