Friday, November 06, 2009


Today is bright and sunny. Patrick and I are going up to Duluth to watch the Arthur Anderson -- Pat's favorite lake boat -- come in through the shipping canal.

I have trouble with November, because the days are getting short and there is a fair amount of overcast weather. The darkness tends to pull my mood down. This week has been difficult, even though it's sunny today. Pat and I have both been unemployed for six months, and neither of us is seeing any good job prospects at the moment.

I had an awful job interview on Tuesday. The job was not what I thought it was, and I left the interview still unsure as to what the job was about. It's a new job, and I'm not sure the employer is certain what it will turn out to be. Anyway, I interviewed poorly, and I felt I was wasting the time of the people doing the interview.

Patrick found out that his last job is not going to be able to rehire him, so he is feeling a bit low.

And I am not happy that Maine voted down marriage equality.


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