Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Good News in Latin America

A nice post from Common Dreams:
There's a game I've been playing recently. Any time I read the news and get depressed about the parlous state of our world, I type "Bolivia" into Google news and wait for the results. It's really all you need to brighten up your day.

In the last month things such as this have popped up: Bolivian women spearhead Morales revolution, which describes the decision by Bolivia's president, Evo Morales, to stock half his new cabinet with women, nearly half of them indigenous. More recently there was this: Bolivian president donates half pay to victims, which detailed Morales and his vice president Alvaro GarcĂ­a's decision to donate half their March salaries to help the victims of the Haiti and Chile earthquakes.

The post goes on to describe other good things happening in Boliva. The link works. I just checked it. Go and check.


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