Thursday, April 15, 2010


The eruption is looking less fun to me. It's gone from being a Hawaiian-style photogenic lava fountain to being explosive. The plume -- made of steam and ash and fluorine -- rises more than 30,000 feet.

The Icelandic government has evacuated farm families in the area and there has been some rescuing of sheep. But no one in the country seems very worried by this particular volcano. It's the next one over, which usually erupts at the same time, that makes people uneasy. Let's all keep our fingers crossed...


Most people I'm reading on Eruptions, a volcanology blog, don't think there's a big risk of the nasty volcano going off. However, there is one morose Icelander who is a volcano hobbyist posting on the blog, and he is worried. He is doing his own modeling of the eruption, and so far he has been right.

I suppose we wait and see...


Blogger Peg said...

You may have heard that Heathrow in London has no flights going in or out today because of the ash from the eruption. One of my bosses, an attorney is over there right now and he emailed me today, "I am stuck in the UK because of volcanoes. Could you please...." etc.

I emailed him back to point out the unintended hilarity of his comment. How rarely, after all, do we get to use a volcano as an excuse to not show up where we supposed to be? Much less when we're in London?

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