Wednesday, June 23, 2010


From a Common Dreams article on people in Detroit working to build a new society in the ruins of industrial capitalism.

Here is Ron Scott, a Detroit community activist and a founder of the Detroit chapter of the Black Panthers way back when:

"The most important thing we're doing is taking responsibility for making sure in cities like Detroit that we can reshape communities the way we want them. The people running this city and others are not blatantly evil. It's that many of them are not capable of dealing with the collapse of the economic system. What happened in the past is not gone, but it's whimpering and dying.

"We're working to build something that is creative and new in the city... This movement, unlike movements of the past, is not based on one sex, one race, one ideological frame... It's based on love and appreciation, and transformation of humanity."

And from Grace Lee Boggs, 95 years old and a lifelong revolutionary:
"I can't begin to tell you how much Detroit means symbolically worldwide and nationally... Detroit was once the national and international symbol of the miracles of industrialization and then became the national and international symbol of devastation of deindustrialization. Now it is becoming the national and international symbol of a new way of living-of great transformation."

I guess if Ron Scott and Grace Lee Boggs can keep trucking after all these years, so can I.


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