Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am absorbing the fact that the Republicans in the Senate have apparently successfully blocked extension of unemployment benefits. Since Patrick and I are both collecting unemployment, this is not good news. The theory is, the Rs figure they can win the next election if Americans are hurting badly.

At the top end of the job market, where the people politicians and pundits know look for work, the unemployment is 3%. For those of us who are looking for middle class and working class jobs, the jobs are simply not there. Patrick and I have gray or white hair. We are not spring chickens. Who is going to hire an elderly chicken, when they can get someone young and lively?

The unemployment rate for May was 9.7%. That is 15 million people. This figure will rise as the Census workers are laid off. The bill the Republicans have blocked also includes money for the states. If they don't get this help, they will have to lay off an estimated 900,000 workers: teachers, fire fighters, police and so on.

I have pretty much given up on finding a job, though I am still looking. But people can look at my resume and see I haven't worked for a year. That has got to hurt me. I am no longer getting interviews, which I was earlier. I think I lost those jobs when I walked in the room and the interviewer saw how old I was.

So, time to think about retirement. For once, getting old looks good. I am going on Medicare Part B in July, which will take care of health insurance. My social security payments will be as much as unemployment. (I have checked.) Things will be tight, and I would still like a part-time job, but I ought to be able to get by.


Blogger Tim Susman said...

That's really discouraging to hear. But I'm glad to hear that social security will cover you. "Getting by" is not something to sneeze at, these days.

11:53 AM  
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