Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Am Off To Write Today

Right after I finish this blog entry. My mood finally lifted.

The challenge in this world is -- how can we honestly see reality and not be depressed by it? It can be done. Howard Zinn is an example of someone who saw injustice and fought injustice his entire life and yet always seemed able to retain his optimism and good humor.

So, what is the secret? How does one fight segregation, war, injustice, poverty and bad art, and not get depressed?

Zinn has an essay on "The Optimism of Uncertainty" which can be found here. It's well worth reading.

My answer would be:

Exercise. Eat good foods. Find things to enjoy. Be true to yourself and your beliefs. Work at something you care about. Pay attention when the good guys win and celebrate their victories. We are often told, "There is no alternative" to the world as it is. This is a lie. People show us again and again that alternatives exist.

Remember that history is full of surprises, as Howard Zinn points out.


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