Sunday, July 18, 2010


A major storm system went through the Twin Cities last night with strong winds, hail, heavy rain, flash floods and tornadoes. Where we are got rain, a lot of lightning and some wind. Not bad. Though it's always a little anxiety-producing when the storm-warning sirens go off.

This morning is gray with more storms predicted. The big event of the day is going out to buy storage boxes to pack our books. We are having the apartment recarpeted, which means moving everything from the living room into the bedrooms while the living room is done, then everything into the living room while the bedrooms are recarpeted.

Patrick is going to see a friend this afternoon. I plan to run the roomba and write.

Correction: The Weather Service is no longer predicting storms, but the sky remains low and gray.

Addition: Pat has decided to visit his friend tomorrow, so I will go out to write. I don't like writing with someone in the same room who might talk to me. That's what so lovely about coffee shops, though I am bothered by business meetings and conversations on cell phones. I can usualy move away. Libraries are quieter, but they don't allow coffee.


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