Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Other High Points of Diversacon

Mike Levy said that "Mammoths of the Great Plains" is "one of the best tales of alternative history I've ever read." I can quote exactly, because the comment is on his handout for the Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy panel. I will probably frame the handout.

And Sandy Lindow said (in facebook) about seeing me at Diversacon, "I get the feeling that you are in an amazing part of your life. Retirement becomes you. You seem more vital than you have in years."

This second comment needs to be in cross stitch or maybe on a Chinese fortune cookie slip of paper.

I have been feeling really ambivalent about not working, happy to have the free time, but also scared by the idea of being old enough to retire. Of course, this economy is retiring many people of many ages...

I am still looking for work, but after more than a year, I don't expect to find any. When I started, I got a number of interviews. Now, these no longer happen. I suspect prospective employers look at my resume and say, "This woman has been out of work too long."


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