Saturday, January 29, 2011


I suppose I ought to update what I'm doing, though I've been putting most of my daily trivia posts on facebook.

We're having a snowy winter, though nothing like the East Coast. Apparently the snow in the East and in Great Britain is due to global warming. The lack of arctic ice cover is changing weather patterns.

I am writing a fair amount: two new hwarhath stories and a new Lydia Duluth story. My agent has Lydia Duluth story # 6. # 7 and 8 are awaiting final revision, and I am maybe a third of the way through # 9.

Because I like lists, here is a list of Lydia Duluth stories:

"Stellar Harvest"
"The Cloud Man"
"Moby Quilt"
All novelettes, published in Asimov's.

Tomb of the Fathers
Novel, published by Aqueduct Press.

"Checkerboard Planet"
All novelettes, finished but not published.

"Planet of the White People"
In progress.

My writing group likes "Tunnels" best of the unpublished stories. It's about homelessness and has a wonderful Goxhat accountant in it. I try not to praise my own work too much, but the Goxhat are amazing. They have appeared in two published stories, "The Glutton" and "Knapsack Poems." They are also in "Iridium" and "Planet of the White People." They are aliens, and they are very sweet and cute.


Blogger delagar said...

I love the Goxhat. My favorite aliens!

6:05 PM  
Blogger Steve S. said...

So glad to hear that you are so active in your writing right now. I loved all of the Duluth stories you published in Asimov, and look forward to your new ones. I plan on making your latest Duluth story my first Kindle purchase! Per my request, I received "Mammoths" as a Christmas gift, and devoured it immediately; a great story that especially rings true for this South Dakotan, and I encourage all of your fans to pick it up as soon as possible. Dozois is right: you are a criminally neglected sf writer. Thank you so much for perservering and providing us so much entertainment and food for thought.


2:02 PM  

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