Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weather Report

We had another snow storm Sunday and Monday. 10 to 17 inches in the metro area. As a result, we have new heaps on plowed snow. The enormous snow mountain in the St. Paul Sears parking lot is even bigger than before. Everything today was fresh and clean and white under a bright, sunny sky.

I got my taxes done, then went to the rally in support of Wisconsin workers at the Minnesota State Capitol. Patrick works as a policy advocate and spends a lot of time at the Capitol. He says he has never seen a large demonstration in the rotunda. It filled the first floor and the two levels of balconies above the above the first floor. Not packed like the Wisconsin State Capitol, but full. Cops in Police Federation shirts stood at the entrance, thanking everyone for coming. There were union banners hanging from the balconies and lots of union jackets. Teamsters, Steel Workers, SEIU, AFSCME, you name it.


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