Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's a really poor idea for me to stay inside. I'm a lot happier when I get out and do things. Yesterday, I went to the bank and library, then down to the Mississippi, which is above flood stage. The path beside the river is partially flooded and closed. The road along the river is also closed. I didn't see any water on the road, but Patrick said it was flooded farther down. Water was lapping at the Harriet Island Park pavilion across the river and at the Rose Island boat house, and there is water under the trees in the park.

It was a bright day with a blue sky, clear except for high, wispy clouds. People do what they do usually do when there's a flood that is not immediately dangerous. They stood on the bank and looked at the water moving past. A friend told me later the river is running at the speed of the Niagara River when it reaches the big falls. It looks smooth and brown, but it's dangerous.

I stopped in a coffee shop for a scone and coffee, then went home.

Today I went out to another coffee shop to meet two friends. In theory we meet to write, but there is also chatting about agents and editors and story ideas and life. A nice way to spend an afternoon. It's another bright day. Tomorrow will be rain and possibly snow. I have more errands planned, so I get out and move around and think about myself, rather than the world's problems.

Friday will be more writing, this time by myself.


Blogger shortpaw said...

I'd say that you're beginning to get the hang of puttering about. Not the writing, but the other activities...

8:45 AM  

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