Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thoughts on Captain America

I saw Captain America last night. It has a nice retro look and feel. However, it's a sad movie. At the end, Steve Rogers has lost everything. I wonder -- having seen two Marvel movies now -- if superhero stories are simply too repetitive.

The colors were mostly grays and browns, with white in the snow scenes. At times the colors were so muted, I seemed to be watching a black and white movie. The only real color I remember is the Red Skull's blood red head and the sparkling red, white and blue of production numbers when Captain America is selling E bonds.

Thor, on the other hand, was set in a shining, science-fictional Asgard and New Mexico with sunlight pouring down.

Captain America is about a decent guy learning to be a hero. Thor is about a hero learning to be a decent guy.

Thor is about loss also. At the end, Bifrost has been broken, and Asgard is isolated from the rest of the universe. Thor has lost the woman he had learned to love. It didn't feel as sad to me. Thor is in Asgard, which is his home. Captain America has lost his home, the US in the 1940s.


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