Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've trying to pay attention to how I write. It turns out I spend a lot more time writing than I thought, if I add in research and mulling. When I exercise, I spend 30 minutes walking the track at the Y, since I find this less boring than a treadmill. While I walk, I think about the story I'm currently writing. I also think about the current story while doing anything that isn't occupying -- riding a bus, in bed at the edge of sleep.

Yesterday, I read the Havamal in a bad online translation, looking for a quote I could use in a story. I didn't find it. I am now going to read my at-home, much better translation and see if I missed something. (I just checked. I can't find what I want. Maybe I need to look at Auden's translation of the Poetic Edda.)

This is writing work, though I am not putting words on paper. I have to remind myself of this. Otherwise, I think I barely write at all.

I can write more and should, if I am going to finish all the projects I have lined up. But I also have to allow for the mulling and research time.


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