Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Minnesota

I had to be in Minneapolis today, so stopped by Occupy Minnesota. It's a small group right now, spread across the plaza, and they look as if they have settled in for a long stay. There's a food station, a first aid station, a media station and a sign-in table, also heaps of picket signs and bright blue tarps.

They said they needed coffee, so I went to a nearby Caribou Coffee and bought two cardboard containers of coffee and took them over to the food station. They thanked me and offered me food. I took a piece of a bagel. Next time I come, I will being bagels as well as coffee.

A woman handing out "Stop War" stickers told me there will be rally Friday at 3 pm.

Cops arrested 300 people at the Boston occupation, and New York is telling the demonstrators they have to move out of the Liberty Part while it is cleaned. After, they can come back, but cannot have tents or sleeping bags and cannot lie down on the ground or benches.

This is about what I figured would happen. If the demonstrations didn't simply wind down, the cities would close them down.

If the occupations can't be maintained, then I think there will have to be daily demonstrations and other actions.I'm trying to remember how this was done in the 1960s and what I've read about the 1930s.


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