Friday, October 14, 2011

Weather Report

A lovely day, grey-white clouds and a bright blue sky. The current temp is 47.

The Denver police and Colorado state troopers broke up the Occupy camp in Denver.

I had a busy day yesterday, running errands in downtown Minneapolis, then attending a meeting of the Wyrdsmiths, my writing group. As always happens when the Wyrdsmiths meet, I drink coffee in the evening and can't get to sleep. Though one other member says she can't get to sleep, either, and it isn't caffeine, it's the buzz that happens when you have a good time with other people.

In any case, I woke up this morning tired and disinclined to do anything. Maybe a run to the grocery store. Maybe some work on writing.

I think, when I had a job, I paced myself; and I have to do the same now. I'm not one of those vibrate, active senior citizens, able to keep going all day. I need time to read and think and maybe nap.


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