Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Again and Yet Again Occupy

An AP report from Digby's blog:
From Atlanta to Washington, D.C., officials talked about how authorities could make camps safe for protesters and the community. Officials also learned about the kinds of problems they could expect from cities with larger and more established protest encampments.

In Portland, for example, protests were initially peaceful gatherings. Then the city's large number of homeless people moved in, transforming the camp into an open-air treatment center for drug addiction and mental illness.

On Oct. 11, just five days after protesters set up camp, police chiefs who had been dealing with the encampments for weeks warned that the homeless will be attracted to the food, shelter and medical care the camps offered.

I read the last paragraph to Patrick, and he said, "So?"
I replied, "We don't want to treat the homeless."
Pat said, "I guess."


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