Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Again

I've been trying to figure out why city governments find Occupy so threatening. This is part of the answer, courtesy of a Lambert Strether post on Naked Capitalism. He is writing about the bulldozing of Zuccotti Park:
And that’s the story: Occupier self-organization. Self-organization is how the Tahrir Square organizers beat Murbarak’s baltigaya, and self-organization is how the Occupiers will beat the 1%. Because look what Bloomberg bulldozed: Not only a library, but:

A media center
A kitchen
A medical tent (in which a patient was being treated)

None of what Bloomberg bulldozed was or is about violence. All of those institutions are about solidarity, people helping people. (For the homeless or the hungry, these institutions are helping people who can’t get help anywhere else.) Perhaps that’s really what Bloomberg didn’t like?


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