Sunday, January 01, 2012


I woke from a dream this morning, in which I had a dreary office job in an office full of young women, and the supervisor was firing me. She was doing it very slowly, unable to come to the point. The reasons? I talked too much and made personal calls on my phone. I had never been cautioned about either, nor had I been told there was company policy about phone use.

The supervisor said other women had complained to her about my talking. A couple came into the room where the supervisor and I were and realized I was getting fired. One of them said, "Good." I told her to walk out the door and keep walking.

Patrick was in the room, trying to eavesdrop. He had a job at the same place, doing maintenance or something similar.

I finally said to the supervisor, "Okay. You want to fire me. Can you put it some way that won't hurt my chances of getting another job?"

"But you were talking too much, and using the phone, and what about that?" she asked, pointing at Patrick.

At that point, I woke, hurt by the fact that the entire office disliked me. I had clearly not fit in, and I had never understood this, or the other people.

I told Patrick the dream and he said, "It's time to let go of your feelings about working."

I said it was hard when I'd just woken from a dream about working.


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