Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Avengers Yet Again

I am still trying to rewrite The Avengers. Not on paper or a computer, in my mind as I walk the track at the Y. This is dangerously close to fan fiction.

My obsession with the Marvel universe seems to be working to break my overly intense focus on news media and their unending bad news. Now I have to break the focus on Marvel movies. At least the Marvel universe has happy endings, mostly. As well as a lot of ambiguity and a lot of interesting evil. Real evil, the stuff we meet in this world, is mostly boring. It's like Lyme disease or HIV. It's bad. It has to be dealt with. But you don't spend a lot of time trying to understand its motivation. Actually, a viral infection is a lot more interesting than a bad person.

The current British government (among many other governments) is evil. Are the government's members interesting? No. They are stupid, greedy power freaks with a hatred of ordinary people. Their motivations are as complex as the motivations of a shark. The interesting question is, how do the people of Great Britain get rid of these jerks? How do Americans and Canadians change their governments? How do we save the world?

The process by which Raymond Milliband's sons ended where they now are may be mildly interesting. That's about self-corruption and self-delusion. Even that is not worth much time. I don't think psychology works to explain societies. Sociology, political science and maybe economics do a better job.

But in fiction, it's possible to make evil complex and interesting and even charming.

It's possible to embody great issues in individuals...

Maybe I can do a political analysis of Loki. He has become a tool of the aliens, just as capitalists become tools of their capital. He may think he's in control and still a god, but he isn't and won't be till he breaks away form the aliens.

And why the heck does he let them into Earth? Why doesn't he double-cross them and keep the Tessarect for himself? He's a master double-dealer. But in this situation, he is a tool.


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