Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Obviously I am discouraged by the results in Wisconsin. I have read people who said the unions made a mistake in putting everything into the recall effort; and I just read a piece by Doug Henwood that argued the unions failed in Wisconsin, because people see them as caring only for their own members. They need to show that they care about Americans in general.

I don't have an answer. In the end, in spite of my fascination with politics and economics, I don't understand enough about people, especially Americans.

So here is a poem. I wrote it after another political setback, I think the 2010 elections. But it works for Wisconsin.

After A Political Setback

The thing to do
is take a hot shower,
dress carefully,
put on a fancy necklace
and amethyst earrings,
smile at the mirror and say:
“I remain.
Those I love remain.
The poor,
the workers and farmers remain.
Those who fight remain,
those who lose
as well as those who win.”


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