Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Facebook Posts

I got a comment from someone confused by my "from facebook" posts. These posts are, in fact, from facebook. When I end up writing something that seems long enough and dense enough for the blog, I copy it and post it here.

Usually I stitch together several comments, which have been made in response to posts by other people. So you are getting half of a conversation. I think it's mostly coherent.

I love facebook, even though -- in general -- I don't like chit chat. I remember years ago hearing Steve Brust explain that he and his friends talk in one-liners, and this is why his characters talk the same way.

Eric Heideman and I were stunned. We and our friends talk in paragraphs. I like long posts, even on facebook, and am happiest when a facebook remark turns into a conversation.


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