Friday, August 10, 2012

New Story

I'm writing a new story, a planetary romance in the manner of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Leigh Brackett and C.L. Moore; and I've been posting as I work on the story:

I am not happy with how the new story is going, but I really like the background. So I am trying a new approach.


I have 2,000 words of my planetary romance. I have the setting, the situation, the lead characters and some nice animals. But no gimmick. No McGuffin. I guess the answer is to get my characters in motion and see what happens. I can go back and get rid of anything that does not fit into the final plot.


I know it's a mistake to talk about a story I'm writing. I will talk the story out and not write it. And real writers write, they don't talk about writing, as we all know. However, I am finding the current one interesting, because I'm actually watching how I write. I've decided the noir version of the current story is not working, because it reminds me too much of a Lydia Duluth story, though Lydia Duluth stories are not noir. (Go figure.) In the past, I have given up on stories when they looked too familiar. This time (or yjos tome, as I just typed) I'm going to put the two attempts to begin this story off to the side for a few days. Maybe they will cross-fertilize, while I think of other things.

Yjos Tome is a great name for an alien. I need to remember it.


Blogger Foxessa said...

Kinda, well Portuguese, like well, in Angola.

Though these days everything looks like that to me, or at least brings up thoughts of that. :)

Love, C.

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