Friday, August 24, 2012

Poverty in the Streets

This is from a comment by Foxessa:
The number of homeless, begging, hungry, mentally disturbed on the Manhattan streets has leaped hugely this summer. Mayor Bloomberg closed a whole bunch of shelters and meal providers this year as a budget reduction meansure. Then he wondered why there were so many beggars on the streets that weren't there before.
The inability of our political elite to understand cause and effect is amazing. Actions do have consequences, though the sainted Ron Reagan appeared to argue otherwise.

Talking about Louis XVI, as I just was, leads me to remember the famous line about the Bourbons, who were the royal family in Spain and France: the Bourbons learned nothing and forgot nothing. If it worked in the seventeenth century, it will work now.

This is what the leaders of the Free World seem to believe: actions do not have consequences, and what worked in the past will work now.



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