Friday, September 21, 2012

Miscellaneous Remarks

Remarks pulled from facebook, all by me:
There are times I think SF is exhausted, but it may be that I am exhausted. In any case, the only answer is to keep trucking and try to write something new.

I was happily inputting my very wet noir planetary romance yesterday, when it suddenly seemed terrible, and I stopped. This is typical. I get neat ideas; I get excited; and then all at once, the story seems like a mistake. But the ideas are so neat! And the funny parts are so funny! So I continue, until the story once again seems like a mistake.

The story will probably turn out okay. I need to finish it and then read it over and see what needs to be revised. The good part is, I'm really enjoying this project in the up part of the cycle, which basically runs until I've written as much as I'm going to for the day. Then I crash and despair and do something else and get back to the story on the morrow. I think I knew too many Abstract Expressionist when I was a kid. They were a moody lot, and I thought all artists had to be moody.


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