Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Worldcon Report

I had four panels at the convention. My usual rule about panels is one of threes: a third will be good; a third will be okay; and a third will be not so hot. I had four, and three went comparatively well, beating the rule. One drifted off topic.

One of the reasons for going was to visit downtown Chicago, which Patrick and I like a lot. We went to the Chicago Architectural Foundation shop, which is wonderful, and to the Carson Pirie & Scott building by Louis Sullivan and to the Marshall Fields building by Daniel Burnham. The Sullivan building is amazing, especially the architectural detail around the entrance. Marshall Fields is impressive. There is an atrium that goes all the way to the roof, topped by a skylight, and a shorter atrium that ends with the world's largest barrel vault by Louis Tiffany. The world's largest barrel vault by Tiffany is something to see.

The biggest disappointment was the Chicago Art Institute. The lines outside were so long that we decided to skip it. We have visited it before, and will go again.

Other than that, I went to no parties at the con. As I have aged, I've found the noise and the crowding more and more difficult. However, I met some new people whom I liked in quiet places, where it was possible to converse. I saw some established friends. I had a terrific conversation with an astronomer about why (most likely) Venus does not have a magnetic field and why this might matter. Plus, I got her email address.

Our hotel room had a view down 18 floors to the Chicago River and the tour boats going back and forth.

The drive down was pleasant, though the green hills of Wisconsin go on forever. The drive back was smooth, and we made good time, but we were tired.


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