Friday, October 12, 2012

Foul Mood

I was in a foul mood yesterday and found it difficult to do anything productive. I'm not sure why. Maybe the time of year. I like the colder weather, but not the increasingly shortness and darkness of days.

In any case, I got almost nothing done. Today, I finished one story -- it's out the door -- and revised two more stories. This is a slow process. I print a story out and revise it with pen or pencil, then input the changes, then print it out again and go over it again. Some stories require many, many revisions. Others are done after I have gone over them two or three times.

The two stories I revised today will have to be gone over at least one more time.

In addition, I did some inputting to an unfinished story. I have four stories done and bouncing from editor to editor, plus another five stories still in-house.


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