Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yesterday and the day before, I was working on a novelette, which I want done by the end of the year. (This is the story I hoped to finish by the end of November, but that is not going to happen.)

Today I was working on the novel which I am trying to finish revising before Wiscon. In addition, I just got the line edits for a chapbook and need to start working on them right away. Tonight, I will be going to my workshop, where we may be discussing part of my novel and a recent short story. I find it hard to keep so many balls in the air.

A moment's thought makes obvious what I should do: go over the line edits, then finish the planetary romance, then go on to the other stuff. But for a moment, it seemed like a lot.

I assume there is a reason why I work on several things at once. I must like it or find the process useful. It does mean when I am mulling over one story, I can move to another one. But it makes it hard to push ahead at a steady rate. I am always shifting gears or changing hats.


Blogger delagar said...

I am so eager for all of these new works.

My daughter (14) is reading, for the first time, Women of the Iron People, and loving it to bits. She keeps laughing and telling me her favorite parts as she reads along. I tell her she has to read Ring of Swords next.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

The news about your daughter makes me so happy.

10:14 AM  

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